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Paper Mache is a fun way to make many different things
I've made a few things out of paper mache mostly anime stuff.

Finished projects:

1. Wolf's Rain - Tsume. Hige. Blue

2. Sailor Moon - Luna cat ball

3. Princess Mononoke - San's Mask

Upcoming Projects:

1. Wolf's Rain - Kiba and Toboe


  Blue - Wolf's Rain
Blue is made out of pulp paper mache. Her collar is only temporary its made out of tape and paint. I wanna get a spikey collar for her.


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Tsume - Wolf's Rain
Like Blue, Tsume is made out of pulp paper mache.

Princess Mononoke
Mask I made from Princess Mononoke. Its shaped like a bowl because thats what I used for the form heh. Its for my San costume for Anime convention.