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Here I'll put any of my artwork I can get into the computer.
So far I can only takes pics of my art cause mother hasn't got the scanner hooked up and I'm not aloud to use it. I do have some art here though.

Nagini is from Harry Potter, Voldemorts Snake. Haven't found any pics of her yet so I'm going by memory from the Goblet of Fire movie. I think she was green. Was also looking at a HP card.

This is Shiro, he's from my Gravitation fanfic Reality TV.

Shuichi Shindou
Shuichi from Gravitation. The color looks much better than this I so need a working scanner but for now I'll just use my digi camera. This pic of Shu comes from the ova cover his clothes were hard ta draw but I think I did pretty good I love his eyes^_^

Tom Riddle
Well he wasn't supossed to be Tom Riddle in the beginning it just happened heh. Tom is in like 4th or 5th year here. My atempt at drawing the Slytherin crest is kinda bad heh

Remus Lupin
Another Harry Potter art. Remus Lupin back when he was in hogwarts around 4th or 5th year. I drew him using Photoshop.